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Cemetery plots are sold by St. Aloysius Catholic Church, a Corporate Sole.  The Deed that is issued permits burial of human remains in the assigned plot number, as designated by row and grave number.  All sales are non-refundable, but may be transferred (see below).  Important:  all sales or Deeds DO NOT include any other products or services such as internment, vaults, etc.  Such services or products may be obtained from vendors or various service providers, some of which are listed below.   

Before burial please contact the Cemetery Director who will locate and mark the assigned plot; you MUST provide the original Deed to the plot to be used for burial.  You will also need to provide any legal form required for internment (the funeral service you use will provide details and assist.) 

The Cemetery does not have an endowment for continued maintenance.  Parishioners and volunteers of St. Aloysius Catholic Church cut vegetation and trim the cemetery grounds twice a year (end of May before Memorial Day and prior to Labor Day).  Next of kin are welcome to join in maintenance or may donate to the Cemetery Fund to help pay for any major improvements or maintenance. 

St. Aloysius Catholic Church, a Corporate Sole, its clergy, deacons, lay directors, or parishioners are NOT responsible for repair of markers, monuments, plots or any other feature that may be due to vandalism, weather, ground movement, internment of other adjacent remains, or any other causation. All such risks and responsibilities are that of the plot owner or estate as established by California Law. 


Standard Plots:  Current Price is $500 U.S. Dollars.  Each is 4 feet wide by 9 feet long; a raised masonry or concrete perimeter may be added, but must not exceed the length(s) and width(s) of the adjacent plot(s) that will or have been used and have been fully paid for with Deed(s).  Monuments or markers must be contained within the 4 by 9-foot plot area per burial site.  Non-conforming perimeter walls may be removed by Cemetery management.  Up to two (2) non-cremated "stacked" remains burials may be made per plot.  Contact the Cemetery Director for required depth for vaults.  All caskets MUST be contained within a burial vault to help avoid ground settlement.  Cremated remains of related persons may be placed within the standard plot; each must have its own internment marker of a size at least 18 inches by 18 inches set directly above the interred remains.  Cemetery policy permits up to 6 cremated remains of related person(s) to be contained in each Standard Plot.

Natural Burials in Standard Plots: Natural burials are permitted starting January 1, 2019 unless disallowed by the Coroner or Law Enforcement due to an on-going investigation.  For natural burials, bodies do not need to be embalmed and must be fully enclosed within a shroud of a natural fiber.  (Contact the Funeral Home or Mortuary for other requirements).  Bodies are laid directly in the soil without the need for a casket or vault and covered with no less than 18 inches of soil / turf.  Due to natural decomposition, some settling of the soil is expected and the Cemetery will endeavor to add covering soil as it becomes available from other sites.  Only one non-cremated body per plot is allowed for natural burial (unless two bodies are buried together on the same internment date).  Click for more information:



Mail cemetery inquiries to: 

St. Aloysius Cathoolic Church 

Attention: Cemetery Director 

P.O. Box 66 

Point Arena, CA  95468

Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for return mail.

Mortuary:  Any licensed mortuary may be used.  One local service is: Chapel by the Sea (Fort Bragg, CA)  707-964-5675  Services, casket, burial vault, etc.

Interment:  Contact the Cemetery Directory for names and contacts of current vendors for digging and covering the grave.  Costs range from $700 to $1,200+ depending on schedule and excavation. Payments are made directly to the selected vendor typically by cash or certified check.   

Monument Venders:  

You may select any vendor to create / install your cemetery marker (you can  also obtain and install a marker yourself).  Markers must fit within the plot dimsions of 4 feet wide and 9 feet long or less.

St. Aloysius Cemetery Polices

St. Aloysius Cemetery Polices

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