Holy Week Catholic Service
There are several special videos today for Good Friday...

Welcome to Holy Week

Masses and Services from Palm Sunday through Good Friday are archived.  Click here to view them.

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Easter Sunday Service April 12, 2020

Please Join to celebrate the Easter Mass with Father Rob

Inspirational Music

Talented musicians create songs and melodies that highlight the messages of Holy Week.  

Resurrection, Why I Believe

A fascinating audio of a journey into belief in the Resurrection and what that belief means...

An Easter Vigil Guide

A 10 minute guide to help follow the Easter Vigil Ceremonies by Father Rob

Holy Week at St. Anthony's and Blessed Sacrament

Videos of  local Holy Week Masses / Services are available for:

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Why is Good Friday Called Good?

Father Rob offers his insights on this thought provoking question

He Thirsts for Our Love

Good Friday's message from Father Rob

Father Rob's Message for Holy Thursday

Dear Friends,

I hope you all are doing well, all things considered! Hopefully in a few weeks we can go back to being a real Church and not just a virtual one. In spite of all our efforts, there’s just nothing like the Real Thing! And I think we as Catholics can claim that more than anyone!I hope this hiatus will give us all a renewed desire to want God (the Father) and Jesus more than ever in our lives and as a part of our lives. There is just nothing that can replace Him!

My good friend and recently ordained priest Fr Brian Humphrey transcribed the following from my Holy Thursday homily. Apparently it struck a cord with him and many others:

“Jesus wanted to ardently eat this Passover with them. He desired that. That love could not be contained in him. It was something that was boiling over you might say. It was burning. That heart was burning. And he ardently wanted to spread that love out because he couldn’t keep it bottled up. We don’t think about Jesus or God that way, do we? But I think we should maybe sometimes. Think of a fire that just has to go out and burn and can’t stop burning. Just think about that. And that’s that desire of the love of God that just wants to invade us and invade our world and yet he respects our responsibility. He respects our  free will. He respects our capacity to choose. But on the part of God, on the part of Jesus there is the fire, that burning inferno of love that just wants to pour itself out on us and on everyone.” - Fr. Robert Torczynski

I hope that you will always have your heart open to the Fire that Our Lord can pour into it!

May God bless you all!

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Music for Holy Week

Something Special for our Community

Michael Hendron
12 Original Compositions for the Organ or Harmonium
Windsor chapel-model reed organ

Enjoy the Windsor chapel-model reed organ, built in Chicago circa 1900, in Blessed Sacrament Church in Elk.  The piece is "Chorale" by Alfred Redhead (1855-1937), Recorded by Michael Hendron on March 14, 2020.  Used with permission.

The Passion Of The Christ

You may rent or purchase this film on YouTube.  

Its currently available to view at no extra cost if you have Amazon Prime Video or FoxNation (Fox offers a free trial or a special of 99 cents for one month).  Its rated "R" for the violence inflicted on Our Lord, but what He suffered for us must be known and remembered.