Good bye...

Its been a fun 2 years, but time to say 'good-bye'.  The new local priest didn't want references to the Knights of Columbus charities or a local charity that was formerly associated with his hall, so he has requested that references to his church be removed.  The website was  provided as a donated service  and  will honor his request.  So it is done.  The website will go offline December 15, 2019 and the Diocese of Santa Rosa has been notified of its departure.  


Knights of Columbus: Everyday Heroes

Kicking off this season is “Running for Grace.” In this episode, Trever Miller, an accomplished lefty reliever in the Major Leagues, faced his greatest challenge when he became a the father of a child born with a rare genetic disorder. Miller learned to measure success by the daily will to live for his daughter, Grace, and the lessons of love and self-sacrifice that she taught him and his family.

The videos provide an excellent opportunity to introduce men and their families to the Knights of Columbus. Look for the videos to be featured in Catholic News Service, local Catholic and social media. Like and share their stories with friends, family and your community. 

The first and second seasons of “Everyday Heroes” are available to view on A new episode and article will be featured weekly on the new Knights of Columbus online News Hub.

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No Greater Love - Kendrick Castillo

Kendrick Castillo was three days away from graduation from STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado. He had a dream to become a Knight of Columbus and an engineer.

ProLife Movie: Just mercy

Check out this inspirational movie's trailer and ask your local movie theater when they plan to present it.  

Father Mike's Videos

Click on video for inspirational message on Blessed Father Stanley Rother... Farmer, Priest, Martyr